Noblelift Canada



Perfect for light duty applications

Compact & skeleton design

Fast-charging Li-ion batteries

Ideal for occasional operations

Easy-battery replacement

High maneuverability

The function of driving with tiller in the vertical position helps with work in confined areas, especially in elevators and lorries without sacrificing of safety.

For the pallet trucks there are no hoses or pipes used in the hydraulic lifting circuit which significantly improves reliability and reduces the amount of potential problems related to leakages through connectors or their seals.

Light weight of the battery(max. 8kg) and the easiest way of fast battery replacement allows even a female operator to double the working time within seconds. The light weight of the batteries can be achieved through use of Li-ion battery type with high ratio of energy density to its self-weight.

The trucks are equipped with Curtis controllers, CAN-bus technology makes the diagnostic and troubleshooting easier.

The use of proved and certified components helps to ensure the conformity to international safety standards with all the supporting documents available as required by law.