Noblelift Canada



The Multi-functional Truck bridges the electric pallet truck and stacker. The PT20D/H Series is a multi-functional truck when it comes to the handling of materials by combining the features of a pedestrian pallet truck and stacker in one truck.

Long Tiller Design

Ergonomically designed long tiller allows comfortable and efficient operation, and at the same time safety for the operator by keeping a safe distance.

Sideway battery exchange

Standard powerful 210Ah battery with battery sideway battery replacement for easy battery replacement, maintenance and multi-shift operation.

Convenient Maintanence

To easier the maintenence has been considered during the vehicle design and parts selection. For example, all the parts to be within arms reach after removing the enclose which fixed by one piece of screw only, and the Driving Wheels and Steering Wheels could be changed easily and no need to hoist the whole vehicle.

Side switch

The standard equipped sideways located lifting and lowering buttons makes the lifting and lowering of the goods much easier and safer when the operator need to monitor the height closely from the side.

Robust and Reliable Design

The robust chassis with the strong 8mm thick apron protects the truck and the components against mechanical impacts from the outside. The steel battery cover ensures the battery well protected.