Noblelift Canada




The PS-Series ensures high performance through their AC drive

technology, meant for intensive stacking operations with capacities up

to 3300lbs (1500kg)/4400lbs(2000kg) with 2- and 3-stage masts.

The optional foldable platform is the best choice if the truck is used in

large warehouses with long traveling distances.


Key-switch, emergency switch and batter discharge indicator.


All operating elements on the CAN tiller are easy to reach.

Noblelift AC drive system

The AC drive system gives high performance, ensures low maintenance costs and its high efficiency, saves energy for longer operations.

Optional straddle leg

Adjustable straddle leg design ,suitable for diverse pallet sizes and more stablity.

Standard battery

Long operating time through high capacity with 3 PZS battery.

Storage tray

The robust battery cover to with storage areas for utilities or packing and stretch foil.

Electric steering (optional)

The electric steering makes the operating effortless. Maneuvering in narrow spaces becomes with electric steering easiest.

Different mast versions

2-stage and 3-stage masts up to 236 inch lift-height.

Optional foldable platform

Optional suspension foldable platform with sideways protective arms. The ergonomically designed foldable platform in combination with its sideways protective arms makes operations faster and safer.