Noblelift Canada



The EPT 15 / SPT 15N is an economic walkie-electric / semi-electric pallet truck, with rated capacity. The compact and light design is suitable for a variety of light duty applications in warehouses or delivery applications on lorries with tail lifts.

Built-in charger

The built-in charger makes operations more autonomy and increases the operating range

Easy pallet entry

Additional entry rollers ensure easy pallet entry and preventing possible damages.

Robust chassis

Robust chassis with reinforced fork-structure(7mm together).


Motor and wheel protection out of robust metal.Also gives perfect foot protection. Sideways castors. Sideways castors ensure travelling stability and safety in medium applications.

Deep discharge protection

Proofed and ergonomic emergency button and discharge indicator, more robust and reliable than other.The included automatic battery protection ensures high lifetime for the batteries.

Proofed components such as sensors micro-switches and controller, and hydraulic units from international brands.

Fulfilling the actual valid European standards, also in ISO 13849, performance level.

Suspension Castors

EPT 15W and EPT 15C with suspension castors better with performance in overcoming obstacles,high travelling stability,and less wear & noise.